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Halcyon Tea: a teahouse by my house

I’ve been meaning to go over to Halcyon for about two years now. This is the most pitiful statement that I think I’ve ever stated considering it’s less than two blocks from my house and tea is one of…

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Do you know the way?

It has taken me forever to get these photos up for a few reasons. I’m a terrible photographer. Josh is even worse at photography. I’m embarrassed because you all have amazing photos up on your blogs. We loved Santa…


First Leg to New Mexico

I needed a road trip, so we drove. It was so nice to drive out into wide open spaces. Both Josh and I had forgotten what an open sky was like. On our first stop we went to Scottsdale,…


Caley’s Turning 30.

So crazy. My little sister turned thirty today. This is making me feel a lot older then when I turned thirty. Oh well. We are headed to the Ace this weekend. Let’s hope they have improved their customer service…



I am always so happy when I see the beauty that is allowed in Europe. We rarely get to see such happenings. via: fubiz…



I love these toiletries from The Standard hotel. They are perfect. Of course they might as well come with a pair of American Apparel knee high socks.…