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Life on the Balcony.

I just discovered this blog through Pinterest (I’m over there a lot). I want to do some of the projects that they have highlighted. The ladies do a great job of picking plants and using space. Enjoy.image via: life…

Inside Inspiration


I know that there has been a ton of buzz around Emily Henderson and her new show on HGTV Secrets of a Stylist. I watched the teaser of the hour long special that she did with her friend the…

Inside Inspiration

Factory 20

I love industrial stuff. This site is so awesome. Machine Age stuff mixed with Modern and Rustic makes me happy. Drool over at Factory 20.…

Health Inside Inspiration

Inspiration happens

    I’ve been super sick this week. I stayed home from work on Monday because I had a fever and sore throat. I tried to tough it out the best I could through the week, but woke up…

Inside Inspiration

Light Bright.

I’m on a bright color/diy kick. Here’s an awesome tutorial from SightUnseen. I love this blog so much. If your not reading it you should start. I think I’m going to try it on canvas and then stretch it…



This list really only has to do with making my house more functional and enjoyable. Josh and I have been living in this duplex for 5 years now, with the intention of moving for about 3 of those 5…