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Cozy Winter

I love to get cozy. It hasn’t been very wintery here in Southern California this winter, but it hasn’t stopped me from snuggling up. I invested last year in some really nice bedding and I’ve been so glad I…

Health Inspiration

Essentialism, Minimalism, and Life

OK, mostly this has to do with my reading and listening list lately. It all started with wanting to cull down my wardrobe, which was spurred by an email from Jessica containing a link to Into-Mind. I sent her…

DIY Health

DIY Cider Fire Water

I just started making Cider Fire Water this year and I’m addicted. So is anyone else I’ve given it to. I have had good results from avoiding colds to getting rid of bloat from overindulging (hello holiday eating). It…

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DIY Basic Kombucha with a Second Fermentation

Let’s just say I have a few fermentation books. Wild Fermentation, Nourishing Traditions and Mastering Fermentation. I think I’ve even gotten rid of a couple. Plus there’s other cookbooks that have sections on it. So when I saw Fermented:…

Health Life

Taking the long way

I have gained weight before, but it was hormonal. When Josh and I first got married I went on birth control and it most definitely did not agree with me. I have almost always eaten pretty healthy and that…

DIY Health

My Aromatherapy Library

I want to answer Colleen’s question about my blends. I have been using aromatherapy for a long time now. I think I bought my first book on it in high school. Here’s what I have read and use: The…