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DIY Cider Fire Water

I just started making Cider Fire Water this year and I’m addicted. So is anyone else I’ve given it to. I have had good results from avoiding colds to getting rid of bloat from overindulging (hello holiday eating). It…

Fashion & Beauty Health

DIY Basic Kombucha with a Second Fermentation

Let’s just say I have a few fermentation books. Wild Fermentation, Nourishing Traditions and Mastering Fermentation. I think I’ve even gotten rid of a couple. Plus there’s other cookbooks that have sections on it. So when I saw Fermented:…

Health Life

Taking the long way

I have gained weight before, but it was hormonal. When Josh and I first got married I went on birth control and it most definitely did not agree with me. I have almost always eaten pretty healthy and that…

DIY Health

My Aromatherapy Library

I want to answer Colleen’s question about my blends. I have been using aromatherapy for a long time now. I think I bought my first book on it in high school. Here’s what I have read and use: The…

DIY Food & Drink Health

I am a Maker + Golden Milk

I am a maker through and through. I have been ever since I can remember. I love projects. I really love problem solving and seeing things through to their completion. I don’t feel a sense of preciousness with things…


No Coffee til Brooklyn

Just kidding, I’m not going to Brooklyn, but I am trying no coffee. Again. I wasn’t a consistent coffee drinker until somewhere around 2009. I have always enjoyed tea and coffee both and I never really needed the boost.…