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zaatar kraut recipe
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Wild Fermented Za’atar Kraut

I have really enjoyed having this kraut in my life, so I thought I would share. I have been using it on a ton of different dishes, but my all time favorite has been on lamb burgers. It’s so…

DIY Food & Drink

Nectarine and Lemon Verbena Smash

I just taught a Bitters Workshop at The Cheese Store of San Diego with the stylings of Farra from Hostess Haven and Jill from Layered Vintage. It was such a good time. I see more workshops in my future,…

avocado paletas recipe
Food & Drink

Avocado Lime Paletas Recipe

I like my avocado paletas to have a bit more lime than most. When I have had them in Mexico they are too sweet for my taste, so have given a pretty large range on the lime juice. The…

roasted potato hash with bacon
Food & Drink

Roasted Potato Hash with Bacon

I have been trying to up my veggie side dish game. We eat a lot of salads over here, which I love, but I like variety. I had recently picked up Bar Tartine Techniques & Recipes at the library…

DIY Food & Drink Health

I am a Maker + Golden Milk

I am a maker through and through. I have been ever since I can remember. I love projects. I really love problem solving and seeing things through to their completion. I don’t feel a sense of preciousness with things…