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Etsy Love Vol. 1

I have from time to time posted some of my favorite Etsy shops. When my friend, Elise, moved into a new place and wanted to make a gallery wall. I started sending her favorites of mine that I thought she would like. She asked me what search terms I was using and I had to laugh because I wasn’t. I was just sending her stuff I had collected from what must be years of Etsy hunting by now. Plus, I have been spending a little more time over there because of my shop, so I thought I would share.

I have a thing for vintage jewelry. I always have. Some of my fondest memories as a kid are pouring through my grandmother’s jewelry box. I would ask her a million questions about each piece. My grandma would indulge me because I was her first grandchild and she loved that I loved jewelry.

The Deeps feels like that. It has so many different types of antique and vintage pieces. A great selection of victorian, art deco and egyptian revival jewelry, which are some of my all time favorites. They are beautifully photographed and curated.

images via: the deeps

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