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I love Risa D’Angeles. When Josh and I lived in Santa Cruz I never missed a chance to look up what Risa had in store for me that week. Her Astrology is fun and pretty inspiring. I still look it up from time to time on the GTWeekly website and I’m always glad I did. This is what she told me to do this week and I don’t think it could be more on the nose if she was my analyst. Thanks, Risa.

Virgo August 23–September 22
Take time to consider what you would like for the future. Create a picture/photo journal depicting how you want your life to be. Begin before your birthday so that when it arrives you have a clear idea of your coming year. Don’t be predictable. Be groundbreaking, inventive and original. Use nothing from the past—no beliefs or plan—to create your possible future. The past needs to be transcended completely.

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