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Halcyon Tea: a teahouse by my house

I’ve been meaning to go over to Halcyon for about two years now. This is the most pitiful statement that I think I’ve ever stated considering it’s less than two blocks from my house and tea is one of my obsessions.

I came home on Saturday and asked Josh if he wanted to walk over and grab some tea with me before I started dinner and we were off. I needed a palette cleanser since my neighbors have started to decorate for halloween. Mind you I love halloween but they have put out many plastic flags and posters of people eating skin off off others faces posted up in there front window. It’s not really disturbing as much as it’s tacky. The Virgo in me can not abide.

I was so happy I went for tea. James is a master, plus he’s fun to talk to. I love Genmaicha tea, but I had never had Matcha Genmaicha before. James served up cups of tea and great conversation. I bought two ounces and didn’t even notice the posters as I walked home.

If you have the chance you must stop by and enjoy the slow down. If you don’t have time or aren’t in the area go to their new website or blog. Notice the perfect type (James is a designer).

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