10 things to Consider for Environmental Graphics

1. Dimensional
Flat graphics? Raised lettering? Three-dimensional?
2. Scale/Size
Viewing distance? Freeway readability? Proportionate to structure?
3. Durability/Longevity
What is the expected lifespan of the sign? Is the product going to be handled? Climbed on? Walked on? Indoor or outdoor? Where is the project regionally?
4. Finish
Painted, Stained, Contrast, Polished or Brushed?
5. Illumination
Does it require lighting? Internal or External illumination?
6. Maintenance
Can you repaint, relamp, repair, service it?
7. Regulations
City or community permits, U.L. electrical certifications, Fire Department sign off, A.D.A requirements?
8. Structural Engineering
Is the sign so large that it will required liability insurance?
9. Budget
Is there a predetermined budget for this project?
10. Cost Engineering
If value engineering is required, can you prioritize the features for the most to the least important?

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