• essential oils starter kit

    Essential Oils Starter Kit

    I have a large essential oils arsenal now, but I don’t know that it’s a good thing. When I first started buying I wanted everything and I had a wholesale account,…

  • avocado paletas recipe
    Food & Drink

    Avocado Lime Paletas Recipe

    I like my avocado paletas to have a bit more lime than most. When I have had them in Mexico they are too sweet for my taste, so have given a…

  • Fashion & Beauty


    I have not fell so hard for a collection since Emerson Fry first came out with her hippie meets mod collection a few years back. Dôen is doing it for me.…

  • Health

    Thyme Lemon Honey Cough Syrup

    I had a friend visiting this week that caught a cold and I didn’t have Thyme Cough Syrup on hand. That won’t happen again because I’m making some this morning. There…

  • Inspiration

    8 of My Favorite Podcasts

    I have been meaning to write this post for awhile now. I have given friends podcast suggestions while they have been on road trips or needed something to listen to while…