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Someware Goods

Do you ever click on the explorer button on instagram and see what the robots think you will like based on your likes and people you follow? Well sometimes I do. Usually there’s nothing, but sometimes there are real…

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Etsy Love Vol. 1

I have from time to time posted some of my favorite Etsy shops. When my friend, Elise, moved into a new place and wanted to make a gallery wall. I started sending her favorites of mine that I thought…

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Swim + Guard

I have long loved vintage bathing suits. I have picked up deadstock one pieces from thrift stores and etsy that I have almost worn out. They have the best prints and cuts. I have two saved that I want…

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Gimme a White Shirt with Detail

For real, this is something that I grab over and over again. A white shirt with cut out, lace, crochet, swiss dot, embroidery will leave me wanting it. I especially love linen versions of this type of shirt. It can…

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I love a good deal

It’s true, you can ask anyone that knows me, I love a good deal. It used to be that if anyone complimented me on anything I would rattle off where I bought it and for how much. I think…

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Mill Mercantile

Another retail obsession as of late is, Mill Mercantile. I am in love with so many of the things in this store. I want a million of those linen washcloths. Maybe this is the inspiration I need to crochet some of my…