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diy herbal infused oil
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How to Make Infused Oil

Infused oils are easy to make and heavenly to use. You can use them in creams, salves, ointments, or all by their lonesome as a moisturizer or massage oil. You can get serious with the herbs you use to…

roasted potato hash with bacon
Food & Drink

Roasted Potato Hash with Bacon

I have been trying to up my veggie side dish game. We eat a lot of salads over here, which I love, but I like variety. I had recently picked up Bar Tartine Techniques & Recipes at the library…


Thyme Lemon Honey Cough Syrup

I had a friend visiting this week that caught a cold and I didn’t have Thyme Cough Syrup on hand. That won’t happen again because I’m making some this morning. There are more complicated cough syrups that you can…


8 of My Favorite Podcasts

I have been meaning to write this post for awhile now. I have given friends podcast suggestions while they have been on road trips or needed something to listen to while working. I have to say I’m a very…

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I have the sweater and if I’m being honest my sunglasses, beach bag, and a pair of my sandals aren’t too far from the outfit above. All I really need is the suit, the hat and a small loan…

diy pedicure
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DIY Pedicure

I’m not a big fan of going to get a pedicure. I know that most likely makes me the minority here, but it kind of drives me nuts to pay someone to do something I can easily do myself.…


Moroccan pouf, or is it a floor cushion?

I have been trying to hunt down the perfect square floor cushion ever since Zeke (my dog) decided he loved Jamie’s perfectly understated indigo pouf. Of course I asked Jamie where she got it and of course Tori brought…