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Lemons and Wrappers


Alice has reignited my passion for all things wrapped. She returned from her visit to Italy with cookies wrapped in a simple paper with a little tie around it. Alice informed me that tons of the treats that you purchase in Positano are wrapped in this unassuming way. She was in love with it’s simplicity and authenticity.

I love stuff like this. I love authentic and simple. Plus I love wrappers. It got me thinking about fruit. You don’t see it very often any more (usually when you do you are in a Japanese market), but I love it when fruit has a simple tissue around it. It makes it seem so perfect and precious.

Alice and my conversation about her trip also left me wondering about America and what happens when you travel to a place that has been doing things the same for a long time. It’s the little things like tissue paper or the color of the buildings that always stick with me. It’s tradition.

I come from a family that is a melting pot from way back. With this diversity comes a very American way of doing things. Sure we have minor traditions, but nothing with real roots that you can sink your teeth into. With that comes some great flexibility. I never felt that I needed to be a certain way or that I was going to offend my Grandparents with my dress or ideas. That has a lot of freedom in it, but sometimes freedom can leave you feeling untethered. Or it could be a curly hair vs straight hair debate. Actually I find the whole questioning of how we do things very American in itself.

Have any of you seen the new goods site on Food52 called Provisions? I have had this page open in a tab for a while. I think I’m going to make some Saffron and Cardamom Lemonade Concentrate. I have been sipping on the juice of one lemon, ice, a couple drops of vanilla stevia, and water for a few days now and it’s very refreshing.

Just some thoughts and lemons.

images via: provisionsmark wickens

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    August 2, 2013 at 9:20 AM

    i was intrigued by her pictures, or rather- her observations about packaging, and presenting purchased products in such a understated classy, simple way.

    i came from a similar family, with little longstanding tradition. but i got a heavy taste of what it could possibly feel like (the negative aspect of it, anyhow) when we began hosting thanksgiving at our house. each little change that we tried to implement… WHOA… the hurdles/push back we faced… (we no longer host it btw ;))

  • Reply
    Desi McKinnon
    August 2, 2013 at 10:04 AM

    Thanksgiving is a tough one. My Dad has to have these gross cream pearled onions that no one eats, but him. Annoying.

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