First Leg to New Mexico

I needed a road trip, so we drove. It was so nice to drive out into wide open spaces. Both Josh and I had forgotten what an open sky was like. On our first stop we went to Scottsdale, Arizona. We have good friends that live close and they joined us on a tour of Taliesin West. We had perfect weather and the tour was really fun. The angles are amazing. I love hearing tales of the pioneering and eccentric.

One of my favorites stories was about power being brought out to Scottsdale. Mr. Wright kept seeing brown poles popping up marring the landscape that he had loved. He called Truman told him to stop, that he knew a way to put them underground. Truman didn’t and Mr. Wright turned his back on Camelback Mountain by building up the walls and leaving narrow horizontal windows that blocked the poles. I love this because Josh hates power poles and lines (I don’t like them, but he truly hates them). Not a week goes by that he doesn’t tell someone, “Just imagine how open your mind would feel without all this visual noise.” I could agree more.

P.S. The top food photo is just food porn. I must be hungry.

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